celiac cavity

cavité péritonéale

English-French medical dictionary. 2015.

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  • celiac — [sē′lē ak΄] adj. [L coeliacus < Gr koiliakos < koilia: see COELE] of or in the abdominal cavity …   English World dictionary

  • celiac — Relating to the abdominal cavity. [G. koilia, belly] * * * ce·li·ac or chiefly Brit coe·li·ac sē lē .ak adj 1) of or relating to the abdominal cavity 2) belonging to or prescribed for celiac disease <the celiac syndrome> <a celiac… …   Medical dictionary

  • Celiac artery — Artery: Cantelmi[citation needed] artery The celiac artery and its branches. (Celiac artery visibile at center.) …   Wikipedia

  • celiac disease — a hereditary digestive disorder involving intolerance to gluten, usually occurring in young children, characterized by marked abdominal distention, malnutrition, wasting, and the passage of large, fatty, malodorous stools. Also called celiac… …   Universalium

  • Celiac lymph nodes — Lymph: Celiac lymph nodes Lymphatics of stomach, etc …   Wikipedia

  • Celiac — Coeliac C[oe] li*ac, Celiac Ce li*ac, a. [L. coeliacus, Gr. ?, fr. ? belly, fr. koi^los hollow.] Relating to the abdomen, or to the cavity of the abdomen. [1913 Webster] {C[oe]liac artery} (Anat.), the artery which issues from the aorta just… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • celiac — adjective a) Of, pertaining to or located within the abdomen or abdominal cavity. b) Of or pertaining to celiac disease …   Wiktionary

  • celiac — also coeliac adjective Etymology: Latin coeliacus, from Greek koiliakos, from koilia cavity, from koilos hollow more at cave Date: 1662 of or relating to the abdominal cavity …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • celiac — /see lee ak /, adj. Anat. of, pertaining to, or located in the cavity of the abdomen. Also, coeliac. [1655 65; < L coeliacus < Gk koiliakós of the bowels, equiv. to koilí(a) bowels (deriv. of koîlos hollow; see COEL ) + akos AC] * * * …   Universalium

  • celiac — adj. abdominal, of the abdominal cavity (Anatomy) …   English contemporary dictionary

  • celiac — ce•li•ac or coeliac [[t]ˈsi liˌæk[/t]] adj. anat. of, pertaining to, or located in the cavity of the abdomen • Etymology: 1655–65; < L coeliacus < Gk koiliakós of the bowels =koilí(a) bowels, der. of koîlos hollow + akos ac …   From formal English to slang

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